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SQUALE (translation=SHARK)
Like the shark, a Squale watch performs no matter the conditions of the sea.
Since the 50’s, the Squale brand has stood for reliable, functional professional diving watches...and our commitment to this is stronger than ever.


Integrity, professionalism, experience and passion. To make unique, inimitable watches, elegant, minimalist design and high-tech materials are not enough... the secret of our watches lies within, in the way they are designed and constructed: friends of the sea, because they are immune to brine, and faithful companions of the most demanding divers, because they are reliable, always.


The great Swiss tradition of precision watch making, combined with solidity and durability: as tradition demands, the case is made throughout from Swiss 316L steel.

The components are all Swiss: winders, winder sleeves and gaskets. These are essential parts for a watch that must withstand deep underwater pressures of the sea. Squale watches are painstakingly assembled by master watchmakers with special attention to the fitting of gaskets to ensure the case is airtight. Finally every watch undergoes strict inspection, to guarantee both resistance to water and timekeeping accuracy. Quality tests are performed on every single watch. Last but not least, Squale has always been a direct customer of the ETA Factory at Grenchen, guaranteeing that all movements are of utmost quality. Squale... functional, professional diving watches.